Amoena Scarves and Caps

We offer a wide range of headwear and scarves as a preventative measure for women who have lost their hair:

  • Scarves and caps protect the skin against sunburn, cold and other related discomforts, and
  • Relieve the physical and emotional difficulty of that hair loss.

Amoena uses soft and breathable fabrics and techniques like hidden seams in their scarves to give you the comfort you would expect. The scarves are designed to stay securely in place and provide more volume and coverage than regular scarves.

The Government provides a rebate of $400 every 2 years for breastforms. These rebates are claimed through Medicare. Lilly Bliss Lingerie have forms on hand when required.


We at Lilly Bliss are specialised fitters for bras and prostheses. We will help you find the type of bra and breastform that suits your lifestyle and body. It is important that you feel comfortable and satisfied that you have made the right choice. We provide assistance for both pre-surgery and post-surgery needs.

Breastform Types

There are many different types of Breastforms available including Contact, Climate, Individual and Comfort.

Contact adheres directly to the skin for a secure fit, is good for active lifestyles or back problems. Climate reduces perspiration, increases the evaporation rate during exercise, menopause or medical treatment. Individual adapts for a close fit. The soft mouldable back layer adapts individually to an uneven chest wall. Comfort gives a more natural feel and appearance and moves naturally with the body.

Mastectomy Bra

Aqua Wave

Aqua Wave is a specially designed form to fulfil the needs of women while swimming or undertaking other water activities.

It is:-

  • a transparent silicon form for water activities with a unique natural shape
  • the symmetrical form features raised waves on the back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amount of suction
  • offers a shallow to average fit, and
  • is packaged with a fashionable waterproof drawstring bag large enough to hold a wet swimsuit.

Mastectomy Swimwear

We stock a large range of mastectomy swimwear including one piece, tankinis and chlorine resistant from fashion styles to basic black.

All swimsuits have a shelf bra for support and pocket for your swimform.

Aqua Wave Swimwear

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