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Sports Bra

A regular bra is designed to provide support whereas, a sports bra is designed for mega-support. Our breasts are not made of muscle, so no amount of exercise can tone the actual breast tissue. The support you need depends on your level of activity and size of your breasts.

When exercising the last thing you need are your breasts bouncing, as during exercise they can move upwards, downwards and sideways. With repetitive bouncing the cooper ligament is being stretched which can cause irreversible damage.

Wearing a sport bra helps prevent stress damage to the breasts caused by stretching therefore allowing them to maintain their shape.

Exercise Impacts

The following is a guide as to the impact of various exercise activities on your breasts.

  • Low Range: – Yoga, Pilates, Walking
  • Medium Range: – Cycling, Jogging
  • High Range: – Aerobics, Tennis, Netball, Bootcamp
  • Extreme: – Running, Triathlon, Horse Riding.
Panache Sport - 83% Less Bounce
Panache Sport - 83% Less Bounce
Panache Sport - 83% Less Bounce
Panache Sport - 83% Less Bounce

Maternity Bra

The breasts change both during and after pregnancy – Substantially.

Every pregnancy is different but breasts commence changing from the moment you conceive. Having a correct bra helps keep you comfortable from early pregnancy through to nursing.

A guide for fitting is at the first 3 – 4 months and reassessed as the pregnancy progresses. It is important to choose a design that provides extra support and also allows for breast size fluctuation and fluid retention.
At 3 – 4 months the back of the bra should be adjusted to the tightest eye fastening; maternity bras usually have 6 rows of hooks to provide for growth. On average your bra size will move down one set of hooks per month. Lower sections of the cup should fit well for support. You should also leave room in the upper cup for extra fullness.

During pregnancy underwire bras should be avoided due to their restrictiveness. However we do stock a range of maternity bras that uses a flexible wire for the heavier breasted woman.

As a guide you should be able to fit your hand into the upper section of the cup to ensure there is enough room for expansion. Ideally and depending on development, you should have another fitting at 7 months. However if at any time you feel the bra is restrictive in any way you should have your fitting checked.

We appreciate the input of Triumph International Australia Pty Ltd for their input to this section.

Maternity Bra


We have a large range of underwear ranging from G-strings to a full brief, manufactured anywhere from lace to bamboo.

Brands we stock

  • b.tempted
  • Bassoni
  • Bendon
  • Berlei
  • Bonds
  • Georges
  • Jockey
  • Little Minx
  • Panache
  • Sloggi’s

First Bra

Purchasing your first bra can be an embarrassing experience, so finding somebody you can trust is important to turn the occasion into something enjoyable. We recommend a non-wire for first time bra wearers although girls with larger breasts may need an underwire for support.

However, regardless of the above, our number one priority for first time bra wearers is to give them both comfort and confidence.