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  • Amoena
  • b.tempted
  • Bassoni
  • Bendon
  • Berlei
  • Cleo
  • Heidi Klum
  • Elomi
  • Evolove
  • Fantasie
  • Fayreform
  • Finelines
  • Freya
  • Little Minx
  • Lovable
  • Panache
  • Playtex
  • Sculptresse
  • Triumph

Sports Bra

A regular bra is designed to provide support whereas, a sports bra is designed for mega-support. Our breasts are not made of muscle, so no amount of exercise can tone the actual breast tissue. The support you need depends on your level of activity and size of your breasts.

When exercising the last thing you need are your breasts bouncing, as during exercise they can move upwards, downwards and sideways. With repetitive bouncing the cooper ligament is being stretched which can cause irreversible damage.

Wearing a sport bra helps prevent stress damage to the breasts caused by stretching therefore allowing them to maintain their shape.

Exercise Impacts

The following is a guide as to the impact of various exercise activities on your breasts.

  • Low Range: – Yoga, Pilates, Walking
  • Medium Range: – Cycling, Jogging
  • High Range: – Aerobics, Tennis, Netball, Bootcamp
  • Extreme: – Running, Triathlon, Horse Riding.

Sports Bra Brands In Stock

  • Bendon
  • Berlei
  • Elomi
  • Freya
  • Panache
  • Triumph

Maternity Bra

The breasts change both during and after pregnancy – Substantially.

Every pregnancy is different but breasts commence changing from the moment you conceive. Having a correct bra helps keep you comfortable from early pregnancy through to nursing.

A guide for fitting is at the first 3 – 4 months and reassessed as the pregnancy progresses. It is important to choose a design that provides extra support and also allows for breast size fluctuation and fluid retention.

At 3 – 4 months the back of the bra should be adjusted to the tightest eye fastening; maternity bras usually have 6 rows of hooks to provide for growth. On average your bra size will move down one set of hooks per month. Lower sections of the cup should fit well for support. You should also leave room in the upper cup for extra fullness.

During pregnancy underwire bras should be avoided due to their restrictiveness.

As a guide you should be able to fit your hand into the upper section of the cup to ensure there is enough room for expansion. Ideally and depending on development, you should have another fitting at 7 months. However if at any time you feel the bra is restrictive in any way you should have your fitting checked.

Maternity Bras In Stock

  • Berlei
  • Heidi Klum
  • Freya
  • Panache
  • Triumph

We appreciate the input of Triumph International Australia Pty Ltd for their input to this section.

First Bra

Purchasing your first bra can be an embarrassing experience, so finding somebody you can trust is important to turn the occasion into something enjoyable. We recommend a non-wire for first time bra wearers although girls with larger breasts may need an underwire for support.

However, regardless of the above, our number one priority for first time bra wearers is to give them both comfort and confidence.


Amoena Scarves and Caps

We offer a wide range of headwear as a preventative measure for women who have lost their hair to:-

  • protect the skin against sunburn cold and other related discomforts, and to
  • relieve the physical and emotional difficulty of that such hair loss.

Amoena uses soft and breathable fabrics and techniques like hidden seams in their scarves to give you the comfort you would expect. The scarves are designed to stay securely in place and provide more volume and coverage than regular scarves.


We at Lilly Bliss are specialised fitters for bras and prostheses. We will help you find the type of bra and breastform that suits your lifestyle and body. It is important that you feel comfortable and satisfied that you have made the right choice. We provide assistance for both pre-surgery and post-surgery needs.

Breastform Types

Contact adheres directly to the skin for a secure fit, is good for active lifestyles or back problems. Climate reduces perspiration, increases the evaporation rate during exercise, menopause or medical treatment. Individual adapts for a close fit. The soft mouldable back layer adapts individually to an uneven chest wall. Comfort gives a more natural feel and appearance and moves naturally with the body.

Aqua Wave

Aqua Wave is a specially designed form to fulfil the needs of women while swimming or undertaking other water activities.

It is:-

  • a transparent silicon form for water activities with a unique natural shape
  • the symmetrical form features raised waves on the back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amount of suction
  • offers a shallow to average fit, and
  • is packaged with a fashionable waterproof drawstring bag large enough to hold a wet swimsuit.

Mastectomy Swimwear

We stock a large range of mastectomy swimwear including one piece, tankinis and chlorine resistant from fashion styles to basic black.

All swimsuits have a shelf bra for support and pocket for your swimform.


‘What Lies Beneath’

Do you want to wear that slinky outfit but are unable to do so because of a bulging belly or thighs that jiggle or wobble. Then shapewear or bodyshapers are the answer for you.

Shapewear is an inexpensive way to help improve almost every figure flaw. It can help achieve a flatter stomach, smaller waistline, narrower hips firmer thighs or a perky bottom.

Even women with slim or toned bodies can have problem areas as cellulite or gravity eventually gets us. Shapewear shapes your body to enable you to look and feel firmer, fitter and thinner, therefore enhancing confidence.

Shapewear Brands in Stock

  • Bella Bodies
  • Bendon
  • Nancy Ganz

Shapewear Range

  • Bellybands
  • Bike Shorts
  • Bodysuits
  • Full Briefs
  • Full Slips
  • Half Slips


Sizes Small through to XXLarge


Beautiful, Comfortable, Sustainable

This ecologically sustainable range is made from Austrian beech wood giving the fabric its unique soft feel and smooth touch.

The very nature of Tani fabric keeps the wearer warm during winter and cool during summer, mimicking its natural environment. It is the Tani Micro Modal Air fabric that brings the garment to life.

Micro Modal Air is made from European beech wood extracted from Europe’s sustainable forests, treated and then woven. The fibre is grown exclusively from renewable eco-friendly resources and embraces the body, feeling soft and light.

Tani Range

  • Briefs
  • Camisoles
  • Dresses
  • Tank Tops
  • Tee Shirts
  • Long Sleeve Tops
  • Slips
  • 3/4 Sleeve Tops

Tani Sizes

10 – 18

Tani Colours

A wide range of fashion conscious colours


We have a huge range of sleepwear, catering for both summer and winter, including nighties, pyjamas and dressing gowns.

Our range caters for everyone; from the young to the senior citizen, and includes both practical and special occasion sleepwear, ranging from pure cottons to pure silks.

Our Sleepwear Brands

  • Bassoni
  • Bendon
  • Essence
  • Florence Broadhurst
  • Georges
  • Gingerlilly
  • Ginia
  • Givoni
  • Kaye Jones
  • Little Minx
  • Lovable
  • Magnolia Lounge
  • Schrank
  • Pickles & Loop
  • Salisbury Hill
  • Vikki James
  • Victoria Dreams
  • Yuu


Our extensive swimwear range caters for all shapes and sizes. From beach to pool you will look your best in our great variety of colour and styles.

Our range covers bikinis, one piece, tankinis, mastectomy, chlorine resistant, tummy control, swimdresses and underwired.

Our styles fit every size and shape

Swimwear Sizes

Start at size 8 through to size 26, with Cup sizes A – K

As a guide we offer the following as to what type of swimwear in which you might look your best accordingly to your shape.

Belly Bulge

A ruched style can work wonders; or a swimsuit with built in control panels will help disguise or pull in your tummy giving a slimming effect.

Petite on Top

If you have small bust, a bandeau style with ruffles details on top will create an effect where your bust appears larger.

Bigger Bust

Try a swimsuit with full coverage and support, preferably an underwire which is the key to support the bigger bust.


Your bust needs support and just not from a bra. That is why cupped swimwear makes sense to give shape, support and confidence. Underwire swimwear complements your style and shape.


We recommend a swimsuit with patterns or vertical lines. The vertical lines create an illusion of a thinner torso with eyes drawn up and down, not outward.


It is best to use details i.e. bows, ruching ties or frills. Bold prints can make your boyish figure look more curvaceous. Using embellishments on the bottom brings the eyes to the hips creating a waistline

Plus Size

Wear a one piece, tankini, or swimdress with a solid colour and ruched tummy. Trying an A-line shape and parallel sides helps create the effect of a waist.

String Tie Bottoms

Less fabric at the hip bone gives the effect of longer legs rather than wider hips.

Bigger Bottom

The attention needs to be taken away from the bottom by darker coloured swimsuits and bottoms. A full brief or a control pant to wear with your bikini top or tankini would be ideal: black being the optimum colour.

Love Handles

Choose a bottom with a folding band.

Our Swimwear Brands

  • Amoena
  • Baku
  • Capriosca
  • Freya
  • Fantasie
  • Moontide
  • Nancy Ganz
  • Olympia
  • One Summer
  • Panache
  • Sunflair
  • Sunmarin


From extenders, washbags to nipple covers. You name it we have it.

  • Washbags
  • Nipple Covers
  • Bra Extenders
  • Clear Straps
  • Stick on Bras
  • Racer Back Clips
  • and many more


We stock a large range of hosiery: sheers, opaque, knee highs, footcovers; ranging from 8 to 200 denier thickness in basic colours to fashion colours and patterns.

Hosiery Brands in Stock

Berlei, Kayser, Platinum and Voodoo.


We have a full range of luxurious Humphrey Law socks which are Australian made using Australian wool. Humphrey Law have been making socks since 1947 and use:-

  • Fine merino wool
  • Alpaca
  • Wool/nylon blend, or
  • Cotton.

Humphrey Law merino wool is selected from the finest Australian merino fleece.

Alpaca fibre is soft, supple, and smooth and contains microscopic air pockets which are perfect for keeping feet warm. As alpaca is a luxury fibre these socks are not recommended for high abrasion use.

Further information on these socks can be obtained from the Humphrey Law website.


We have a large range of underwear ranging from G-strings to a full brief, manufactured anywhere from lace to bamboo.

Brands In Stock

  • b.tempted
  • Bassoni
  • Bendon
  • Berlei
  • Bonds
  • Georges
  • Jockey
  • Little Minx
  • Panache
  • Sloggi’s